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Attention: This page is no longer supported by CUS, and is archived for your convenience only.

Norton Antivirus Installation for OS 8 and 9

Overview of Installation

This install procedure has been tested on Mac OS 8 and 9. See Norton AntiVirus for Mac OS X if you are not running Mac OS 8 or 9.

Print and follow the installation instructions below. As an aid, you can follow along with the User Guide. If you are unsure or have questions, cancel the installation and call (x7525) or e-mail CUS.

If you understand the user agreement and understand the instructions below, then you're ready to download and install Norton AntiVirus for the Macintosh.

Download Norton Antivirus for OS 8 and 9.

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Brief Installation Instructions

Download and run the installer. The installer will ask you several questions, and for most of them, keep the default settings.

However, select Standard Protection for the virus protection type and select Scan all known formats for scanning compressed files.

It is very important to run LiveUpdate from the Norton AntiVirus application soon after installation. Otherwise, you will not have the latest virus protection. To update your virus protection, run the Norton AntiVirus application and click the LiveUpdate button. Then click the Update Everything Now button. Restart your computer after updating your virus protection.

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Detailed Installation Instructions

  1. Download the installation file. Double click the installation file.
  2. Click the Continue button. Norton AV Installer
  3. Read the license agreement and if you accept its terms, click the Accept button. Norton AV: License
  4. Click the Continue button. Norton AV: Readme
  5. Select the Easy Install option. You probably have a different installation location than the one shown below, but your default installation location should suffice.

    Before you click the Install button, read ahead through step 9 and remember the steps, because you may not be able to view these directions during the installation. Then click the Install button.

    Norton AV: Install Location
  6. Click the OK button. Norton AV: Support
  7. Select the Standard Protection option. (Minimal may work for you also, but you'll have to manually scan once in a while.) Select the Scan all known formats option. Click the Set Preferences and Continue button. Norton AV: Preferences
  8. Click the Quit button. Save all of your work in other applications. Then restart your computer. Norton AV: Success
  9. After you have restarted your computer, start the Norton AntiVirus application.
  10. Click the LiveUpdate button. Norton AV: LiveUpdate
  11. Click the Update Everything Now button. Norton AV: Update
  12. Click the Quit button. Save all of your work in other applications. Restart your computer. Norton AV: Finished
  13. This completes the setup process.
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