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Reed's E-Mail System

Note: Reed is adopting Gmail. Incoming students will be using Gmail by default while current students can choose to migrate now. Faculty and staff can migrate after commmencement. The information below is intended for those using the old IMAP system which will soon be phased out. Learn more about the migration to Gmail.

Reed College provides current students, faculty, and staff with an e-mail account ( and 1GB of email storage space. Below you can find out all you need to know concerning usage of this account. The following topics pertain to the Reed e-mail system:

Accessing Your E-Mail

You can check your email in a variety of ways! To access email from any computer with an internet connection, try Webmail. We also support the programs Thunderbird and Apple Mail to conveniently and easily access your email from your computer. Apple Mail comes pre-installed on all Mac computers. You can download Thunderbird for free!

See below for more information, help pages, and setup guides.

Managing Your Reed E-Mail Account

Quota management, message filtering, dealing with spam; learn how to manage your Reed E-Mail account and keep things running smoothly for your specific e-mail client:

IMAP Configuration Settings

If you're familiar with setting up mail clients, skip the setup tutorials and view the information you need to set up your mail client for Reed's e-mail system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the more common questions about IMAP at Reed. Learn about IMAP, how to search for e-mail addresses, and get the information you need to set up any client that supports IMAP.