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IMAP at Reed: Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Reed is adopting Gmail. Incoming students will be using Gmail by default while current students can choose to migrate now. Faculty and staff can migrate after commmencement. The information below is intended for those using the old IMAP system which will soon be phased out. Learn more about the migration to Gmail.

This page provides answers to common questions about IMAP at Reed. The following questions are addressed below (click on the question to see the answer, or scroll down to browse all the answers):

What is IMAP?

IMAP is a mature and popular Internet standard for e-mail. It forms the blueprint for our new mail system. Because IMAP is a standard rather than a single program, anyone can create software that will work with it and many already have. We've chosen a few of these programs to recommend and support. Expert users who prefer to use their own mail clients are free to do so if they are IMAP capable ( IMAP Settings).

Features of IMAP

IMAP features include compatibility with a variety of e-mail clients, the ability to access e-mail online, bigger quotas, better support for standards such as styled e-mail and inline images, easy spell-checking, signatures, and more. It also gives us the ability to easily expand or update the system as necessary.

Will IMAP Help with Spam?

Spam filtering is part of the new e-mail system. It is not part of IMAP itself, but rather a separate feature that we have integrated into the IMAP system. Please see our spam pages for more details on how our spam filters work.

How to Manage Your Quota

The default quota for students, faculty, and staff is 1 GB. IMAP supports the ability to monitor your quota usage.  For more information, visit our general quota and quota management pages.

IMAP offers the ability to search through an online address book containing entries for all Reed community members. This feature enables Webmail and enabled third-party e-mail clients to offer suggestions and auto-complete the To field in e-mails. You may view our client support pages for detailed instructions on how to use this feature. 

How to Setup Email Forwarding 

Emails from your Reed email account can be forwarded to other email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo Mail using the filter tab. Click here for more information

Using IMAP Clients

CIS has worked with focus groups to identify three clients that we recommend and can fully support.

What unsupported clients are there?

There are dozens of other clients that should, in theory, work with Reed's IMAP system, including any that support IMAP or POP. Note that CIS is able to support only Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Webmail.

Does the IMAP system support POP?

Reed's IMAP server includes POP functionality, and many POP clients will work with the IMAP server. The only necessary configuration changes are changing the name and authentication method for the POP and SMTP servers. CIS has not tested POP clients, and some POP clients may not support required authentication methods. CIS is unable to provide help with these clients.

Reed's Webmail Restrictions

  • 300 recipients per hour.
  • 100 recipients per message.
  • To help make sure that Reed accounts are not subverted by attackers and used to
    send spam, outbound traffic is limited. These limits should never affect you in
    normal use, but if you have concerns please contact (x7525)