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Email Forwarding 

Note: Reed is adopting Gmail. Incoming students will be using Gmail by default while current students can choose to migrate now. Faculty and staff can migrate after commmencement. The information below is intended for those using the old IMAP system which will soon be phased out. Learn more about the migration to Gmail.

Note: If you are a graduated senior, or otherwise interested in setting up forwarding because your account is closing, you may wish to go here.


Reed provides two options for email forwarding. Neither of them do anything to messages already in your inbox. If you wish to move all of your messages off the Reed server, try moving them to a local mailbox.

Email Preferences (found within IRIS) redirects all incoming emails to the email you specify.  Mail forwarded in this way never passes through Reed's network. This means Reed doesn't filter it in any way and won't have a copy. If the specified forwarding address has protection against spam or viruses, like Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo, this protection will still apply.

Webmail forwards all, or a selection of, the email sent to your Reed address, depending on its priority in webmail's filter list. It takes advantage of the spam and virus protection filters that Reed uses, and gives the you the option of keeping a copy of forwarded mail in your Reed account.

Although it is also possible to forward messages with Thunderbird or other clients, we do not recommend this approach.

How To Set-Up Forwarding


Go to the "Email Preferences --> Delivery" page (here) and type in the address you'd like your mail forwarded to under "Deliver my mail to another account". Ta-da! all mail sent to will now arrive in the inbox of the address you've specified!