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Messages In Mountain Lion's Mail

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Composing Messages

In the main Apple Mail window, click the Compose or New button to open a new message window. Fill in your recipient(s), and type in your message. Then press the Send button to send the message.

You may wish to spell check your message. To do this, open the Edit menu. From the Spelling menu and select Check Spelling.

Manage Attachments

To send an attachment, follow the steps above for composing a new message. Before sending the message, click the Attach button on the toolbar. Select the file you wish to attach to the message. It will be sent along with the message when you press the Send button.

We strongly recommend that you read our attachment documentation to ensure that your files get to where they need to be and are readable by the recipient.

Reading Messages

To read a message, double click on the entry in the list of messages. This will open a new window which displays the message content.

Download Messages to Your Computer

One way to save important messages without taking up extra space on the server is to download them to your personal computer. Once you have deleted them from the server they will only be accessible from your computer, but if you know you won't need to access them often, this can be a great way to archive e-mail.

One cautionary note: They will not be downloaded in a form that will reopen in Mail, and thus you will no longer be able to treat them as e-mails. Instead, they will act like text files.

To download a message from Mail, select the message you want to download. Go to the File menu and select Save As. Select your desired save location and click Save.

Deleting Attachments from Saved Messages

Getting rid of large attachments can allow you to keep important message text while greatly reducing the amount of space that the message takes up. To delete an attachment, select the message with the undesired attachment. Go to the Message menu and select Remove Attachments.