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Frequently Asked Questions about AFS

What is the default quota for my Home folder in AFS?

The default quota is 5GB for user Home folders in AFS (increased from 1GB recently). Please note if you create shared folders in your AFS Home folder, the files uploaded by others will count against your quota. If you need additional storage space for academic purposes, please contact CUS.

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What's the purpose of the directories inside my Home folder and where should I save my files?

You already have a number of directories inside your Home folder:

  • Private - files and folders in your Private folder cannot be accessed by others. To keep your files private from others, save them to this folder.
  • Public - files and folders in your Public folder can be viewed and read by others. If you need to share files with specific users, create a new folder inside Public and grant them permission to access the folder.
  • html - your personal web space, available at
  • Favorites - a place to store favorite locations to other areas within the AFS hierarchy (you can add Favorites at
  • Private/Yesterday - a nightly, read-only backup of your entire Home folder.
  • Private/Migrated_Home - a copy of all your files and folders from your old Home server, if you've used the migration tool.

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