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Cascade CMS Upgrade

We will be upgrading Cascade, Reed's content management system, on Friday, November 22nd, from 9-9:30pm. During this time Cascade will not be available. When Cascade is back online, you will see some changes and new features. Here are the highlights:

Relationships Tab

All pages and files now offer a "Relationships" tab that tells you what other things link to this page. This is very handy if you are thinking of deleting or moving a page, it tells you what other pages will be affected. You can also publish all related pages right from the Relationships tab.

Saved User History

Your History menu now persists across browser sessions. When you login, the History menu, Quick Links menu, Full History view, and Asset Chooser dropdown suggestions list will be populated with assets recently you recently visited. Plus, the left-hand folder tree will be opened to where you left off.

And hey, the login page looks a little nicer!

For a full list of new features and enhancements, check out the Cascade Server 7.8 Release Notes. If you have any questions, please email