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Cascade CMS Upgrade

We will be upgrading Cascade, Reed's content management system, on Saturday, February 9th, from 9am-12pm. During this time Cascade will not be available. When Cascade is back online, you will see some changes and new features. Here are the highlights:

Autosave Drafts

Drafts now will be saved automatically in the background as you makes changes to a page.

Autosave drafts

To avoid issues with editing outdated drafts (i.e. drafts of assets that have been edited since the initial draft was created), you will now be always directed to the current version of the page when attempting to edit it. When the edit form for the current version is loaded, a link to a draft is presented if a draft already exists.

Autosave drafts dialog

Autocomplete Site Drop-Down

When switching to another Site, you can now start typing the name of the desired Site to be able to quickly find it in the drop-down with a couple keystrokes.

Drag and Drop Move

Assets can now be dragged on the left hand side tree and dropped to a desired container to invoke the Move/Rename operation. As the asset is dropped, the Move/Rename dialog is loaded with the Parent Folder pre-populated. While dragging an asset, a user can hover over a Folder which will then expand to display the Folder’s child assets.

WYSIWYG Editor Upgrade

Our TinyMCE editor has been upgraded to a newer version which resolved many reported Cascade Server bugs. We made some improvements to the user interface of the "Insert/Edit Media" dialog, the HTML source code can now be directly edited inside of the dialog and we added options for HTML5 Audio, YouTube and Iframe media types, YouTube being the deafult option.

TinyMCE media dialog box

The "Insert/Edit Image" dialog now allows maintaining aspect ratio when modifying dimensions of images. Alternative text can be now left empty if user specifies that given image is a decorative image. Empty "alt" attributes on images are the accessible way to indicate that an image should be ignored by assisitve technologies such as screen readers.

TinyMCE image dialog box

For a full list of new features and enhancements, check out the Cascade Server 7.2 Release Notes. If you have any questions, please email