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 Lecture: Stephen West (Arizona State University), "Understanding Chinese Theatre: Poetry, Society, and Play"

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 20th, 6:30-8:00 p.m.Chinese Exclusion Act image
Place: PSU Smith Memorial Student Union (SMSU), Room 338

Chinese theater is a cultural and social phenomenon as much as it is a spectacle on stage. It's roots grew in far different soil than that of Western theater, and its touch points in traditional culture are vastly different. This talk will discuss the formation of stage characters in the period of 1150–1400, the development of acting troupes and guilds within an urban context in which they were associated with gambling and prostitution, and their presence in the Chinese court. It will discuss the separate lives of dramatic texts which, like drama in the West, also became fine reading literature and will treat as well visual representations of high moments of dramas in tactile arts of painting and ceramics.

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Lecture: K.E. Brashier (Reed College), "Starting in 'the empty nothingness, the dark purity', A Third-Century Poetic Description of How the Cosmos Began"

Date/Time: Saturday, April 7th, 9:30-11:00 a.m. Chinese Exclusion Act image
: PSU, Academic & Student Recreation Center (ASRC), Room 230

Through the 144-line “Poetic Exposition on Heaven and Earth”, the lecture will walk us through the formation of the cosmos through surveys of early Chinese cosmology, astronomy, and geography by Chenggong Sui (231-273).  Contemporaneous images from Han burials and excavated relics will be referenced to illustrate the poem’s verses.

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