Ad Hoc Committee on Child Care at Reed College

In December 2011, President Colin Diver appointed an ad hoc committee on child care. The committee members included J. Corpus, E. Drumm, S. Kim, G. Leavitt, K. Oleson, G. Sherman (chair), P. Silverstein, and M. Tamada.

The first paragraph of the committee's report reads as follows: “Having reviewed models of child care at peer institutions; having conducted a survey of child care needs of Reed faculty and staff; and having cataloged, and informally evaluated, local child care resources, the committee unanimously recommends that Reed College now assess the legal and financial feasibility of campus-based child care, with the goal of an expeditious implementation of such services.”

The results of the child care survey, survey recommendations, and child care resources (including an informal student child care provider list) are only available to on-campus viewers. If you are a Reed College community member, it is possible to view this information from off-campus by using the Remote Access Proxy.