2013 Consortium for Faculty Diversity Conference

Frequently Asked Questions - CFD Fellows

Can I fly on my preferred airline?

Possibly. Because we are committed to ensuring as many CFD Fellows can attend the conference as possible, we ask for your flexibility in booking an airline ticket. Ellis Ranien has been instructed to find the most affordable ticket available, which may mean that for this trip, we’ll ask you to fly a carrier that is not your preferred carrier.

What if I’m not at my host institution at the time of conference? Will the CFD pay my way from any place within the Continental U.S.?


Can I book a preferred flight schedule, even if it’s significantly more expensive?

Our goal is to get as many CFD Fellows to Portland as is possible on a limited budget. In order to do that, we have asked Ellis Ranien to find the most affordable tickets available. We do understand that some schedules and manifests will be more attractive than others. So we have instructed Ellis Ranien to work within a range, using the lowest possible fare as the key marker. Again, thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility.

Can I book a refundable ticket in case things change?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate premier items like refundable tickets. Again, our goal is to support the attendance at the CFD conference by as a many fellows as is possible. With limited resources, we are unable to support requests that will increase the costs of the most affordable ticket.

Can I fly direct?

In some cases you can, especially if you are flying from a major hub. But many CFD schools are in smaller cities and towns and use airports that don’t themselves have many direct flights. Given that and the fact that Portland International Airport doesn’t host many direct flights, in all likelihood, you’ll have at least one stop, possibly more.

Can I earn points from my airline rewards program?

Yes, certainly.

Will I be reimbursed for a cab ride to the hotel if my flight gets in after the airport-to-shuttle service is no longer running?

Yes. In the rare case that your flight arrives after 12:30am, we will reimburse you for the cost of the taxi. However, we’d warn against arriving so early/late as check-in at the hotel is after 3pm.

Can I stay at another hotel?

Yes. But we can only reimburse Fellows’ hotel costs who stay at the Courtyard by Marriott.

Can I stay with a friend?

Yes. However, we only provide travel between the Courtyard by Marriott and the College. If you stay elsewhere you will be responsible for all associated transportation expenses.