Conference & Events Planning

Parker House

The Parker House is a beautiful home on campus that functions similarly to a traditional president’s house. It is used for invitation-only special events and overnight guests of the college. Overnight guests must be visiting the college on official college business. Events ideally scheduled for the house include dinners for visiting lecturers, special retreats for campus business, and special events for campus visitors.

If you would like to use the Parker House for events or overnight guests, contact Colby Westhead, Parker House manager, preferably 60 days prior to the event, or 14 days prior to the overnight guest’s arrival. A committee appointed by the president will determine if the requested event can be accommodated in the house. After the event is scheduled, Colby will schedule a meeting to determine catering needs and explain guidelines for using the house. If you are reserving the house for an overnight guest, Colby also will help you make the arrangements.

For more information on the house, please visit the links below.

Colby Westhead,, x6669

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