This program is for the student whose interests are divided between the two fields and whose goals are not served by a major in either classics or religion. The primary fields for which the program is well suited are early Christianity (including Byzantine and Medieval Christianity), Judaism in the Hellenistic period or under the Roman Empire, and pagan Greek and Roman religious practice. Before the junior year, the student considering this program should consult with a member of the Classics–Religion Interdisciplinary Committee. A petition for acceptance into the major should include a statement describing the student’s rationale for combining the two fields.

Requirements for the Major
1. Greek 110, 210, 311, 312, Classics 371 (Greek History); or Latin 110, 210, 311, 312, Classics 373 (Roman History).
2. Religion 152 or 153 or 155 or 157 or 159; 201; Religion 399 (junior seminar); and two other upper-division religion courses.
3. Classics–Religion 470 (thesis).

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