Russian 333

Russian Religious Culture

Full course for one semester. This course investigates the central figures and ideas constitutive of Russia’s religious culture, as manifested in the work of explicitly religious philosophers and the iteration and refraction of their thought in a selection of literature and texts. Readings will draw on the writings of Theofan the Recluse, Georgij Skovoroda, Vasilij Rozanov, Nikolaj Fyodorov, Nikolaj Berdjaev, Vladimir Solovyov, Sergej Bulgakov, and Lev Shestov, and will include consideration of the Slavophile and Panslavist polemics concerning the nature and role of religion in Russian culture, including Kireevskij’s concept of “integrality,” Khomjakov’s sobornost or “collegiality,” Leont’ev’s Byzantinism and transcendental egoism, and Pavel Florensky’s hermeneutic theology. Literary texts will include writings by Herzen, Dostoevsky, and Belyj. Prerequisite: for Russian credit—completion of Russian 220 or consent of the instructor; for religion credit—completion of Religion 201 or consent of the instructor. Conference. Cross-listed as Literature 333 and Religion 333. Not offered 2006-07.

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