Reed College Canyon

Mr. Toad Goes for a Ride: Amphibian Decline, Its Causes, and Solutions through Management and Conservation

author: Jennifer Rose Webster
advisor: Robert Kaplan
year: 2002

ABSTRACT: Amphibian decline has been a topic of concern to both scientists and the public alike in recent years. Understanding the complex causes that are associated with amphibian declines are a primary focus to those interested in questions of biodiversity, ecology, and global trends in habitat disturbance, climate change, and disease. Long-term studies that characterize amphibian population dynamics are required for the development of effective conservation and management strategies. Because many of these strategies are yet unproven, experimental research to test possible conservation and management programs should be conducted on populations that are not under threat of decline or extinction. In this thesis, I will discuss the amphibian decline problem and its causes, as well as propose an experimental translocation of native amphibian species to the Reed College Canyon based on current methodologies for amphibian monitoring, management, and conservation.