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Fall 2017: August 11, 2017
Spring 2018: January 05, 2018
Coming soon: Student Accounts Center on-line, real
time access for students and their families to their
student account activity.

To whom and where will bills be sent?

Discuss with your parent or guardian strategies for sharing financial information before you come to Reed. As part of that discussion, determine where your bills should be sent and who may have access to your financial records.

The Billing Information & Release Form authorizes specific people to receive bills from Reed and serves as a release of financial information regarding a student's tuition account to people whom the student specifies. This form must be completed each year so that names, addresses, and emails are all kept up to date. Students must complete this authorization in order for the business office to send an e-bill and paper bill, and also to release detailed information about a student's financial account to parents, family members, trustees, or banks. We will not be able to release specific information over the phone or in writing to anyone who is not authorized in writing by the student.

Please complete this form online in IRIS, the Integrated Reed Information System. You can also print it out, complete it, and return it to the business office either in person or by fax to 503/788-6687.

Electronic bills (e-bills) are the official means of distributing student account statements, but we will continue to mail paper bills at the start of each semester. The first billing for fall semester is mailed mid-July; for spring semester, it is sent the first week of December. Students will receive an e-bill at their Reed email address. If the student has listed other individuals on the billing information form, they will also receive an e-bill, assuming that an email address has been provided

The Statement of Financial Responsibility must be accepted in IRIS (the Integrated Reed Information System) before registering. This statement outlines the student's personal responsibility for college charges assessed to their account.

When are bills sent and when are they due?

Semester bills are mailed and emailed mid-July for fall semester and the first week of December for spring semester, with specified due dates.

Tuition, fees, room, and board, minus approved financial aid awards and established Monthly Payment Option (TMS) credits, are due on the payment due date.

A late fee of $50 will be charged on all accounts not paid by the registration day for each semester. Payments postmarked by these dates do not meet the payment deadlines; they must be received in the Business Office by the due date. You should allow at least 7-10 days mailing time.

No registration will be accepted after the Friday of the first week of classes each semester.

View the academic calendar and our payment policy

During the academic year, the business office will also make billing statements available around the 10th of each month, reflecting miscellaneous charges such as library fines, laser printing, O-week trips, music lessons, and fines for lost keys. Payment of the total amount is due within 30 days. Students with delinquent accounts will not have access to their transcripts and may have their library, printing, and other privileges suspended. Unpaid balances may be turned over to a collection agency. If this occurs, the student is responsible for all costs and attorney fees incurred in the collection process.

Can I view my student account online?

Information regarding your student account is available online through Banner Self-Service. Through Banner Self–Service, you can check your current student account balance and make payments online, view and manage financial aid, and view Reed College employment information and manage timesheets. Online access will soon be available, for students and their families, through Student Account Center. Details are forth coming.

Accessing Self-Service

To access Banner Self-Service, log in with your Reed ID and self-service PIN. If you forget your PIN, enter your student ID in the User ID then click on the “Forgot Pin? button. If you don't know the answers to your security questions, click on "Need Help Logging In? Click Here" on the login page and follow the instructions.

Log in to Banner Self-Service

Navigating Student Account Self-Service

We recommend starting with the Student Account tab at the top of the page. From this main menu, you will have two options:

  • Account Detail for Term
  • Tax Notification

Account Detail for Term reflects the transactions for the term you select. Account Balance is the amount you owe before any credit for pending financial aid. If you receive financial aid, scroll down to view the Account Balance net of Authorized Financial Aid and Memos.

Tax Notification will show the 1098-T tax form for years 2013 and forward, beginning in January 2014.

We encourage you to share (print, email a screenshot, etc.) a copy of your Account Detail for Term with others—such as parents—who may help pay educational expenses. Log in regularly to track changes in your account due to payments received, financial aid, room, board, etc.

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