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Reed Loan for International Students

The Reed Loan Program is offered only to international students as part of their financial aid package. The loan program is a revolving fund, funded by the college.

Our Reed Loan program requires that the student and their guarantor sign an Interim Loan Note each year the student attends Reed College and receives a Reed Loan. The Interim Loan Note states both the amount borrowed for the academic year and the interim interest rate of zero. This note requires the student and guarantor to sign a Payout Loan Note within 90 days of ceasing at least half-time enrollment at Reed College. If borrowers do not sign a pay-out note as agreed, the Interim Loan Note shall become immediately due and shall bear interest at the rate of 12% a year from the due date until paid in full.

The Payout Loan Note states the interest rate will be 9% a year beginning nine months after the student ceases at least half-time enrollment at Reed College; payments begin on the tenth month. The maximum length of time to repay a Reed Loan is 10 years or $40 a month, whichever results in a larger payment. The loan will be placed in deferment, where no interest accrues and no payments are due, if the borrower submits documentation showing they are enrolled at least half time at an accredited institution of higher education as determined by the U.S. Dept of Education.

Both loan notes state that there is no penalty for prepayment and that the borrower is responsible for all collection fees associated with the collection of the debt.

The Reed Loan in repayment

Reed College is the lender for the Reed Loan Program and repayment is made to the college. You will receive bills from ACS, our billing servicer. Our ACS bill will request that you make your check payable to Reed College. Repayment of the loan does not begin until nine months after you have ceased being at least a half-time student at Reed. This nine-month period is called a grace period because during this time, no payments are due and interest does not accrue.

If you are attending an accredited school, either here or abroad, at least half time, you may qualify for deferment. To see if your school qualifies please check the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website.

If you are unable to make a payment for any reason, your loan may be eligible for forbearance. Please contact the Reed College Business Office at We are here to help!

Our billing servicer, Xerox Education Services (formerly ACS), offers the following on-line services to help you with your loan. You may also contact them at (866) 575-4517.

  • Check the status of your account and verify financial data such as your balance, payment history, payoff amount, and interest information.
  • Change your address and phone number.
  • Make your Reed loan payment with ExpressPay for no fee.*
  • This option is not available for credit card payments. If you want to make a payment by credit card, you may do so through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) by choosing the Pay In Full option, but there is a 2.99% convenience fee.
  • Apply for automatic payments / ACH.

*For international wire transfers you may use Flywire (formerly peerTransfer), a free service available that offers better exchange rates and lower bank fees than your own bank.

Loan forms

Federal Perkins & Reed Loan Request for Deferment

Federal Perkins & Reed Loan Request for Forbearance

Application for Automatic Payment

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