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Student forms
Budget forms
Cashier forms
Loan forms
Accounts Payable forms
Other forms

Student forms

Billing Information and Release Form (PDF file)
Student Health Insurance Waiver (PDF file)
TMS Credit Adjustment (PDF file)
Request for Student's or Borrower's Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (PDF file)
Authorization to Hold/Refund Title IV Form (PDF file)
Direct Deposit Authorization Form(PDF file)
Authorization to Apply Title IV Form (PDF file)

Budget forms

Budget Transfer/Request Form(Fillable PDF)
Budget Transfer/Request Form (Word File)
Attachment 1 Budget Request Instructions (PDF)
Attachment 2 Departmental Budget Request Form (Excel file)
Attachment 3 Departmental Budget Worksheet (Excel File)
Attachment 4 Capital Equipment Request (Fillable PDF)
Attachment 5 Long-Term Capital Needs Request Form (Fillable PDF, Right click on the link and save as or download)
Attachment 5 Long-Term Capital Needs Request Form (Word File)

Web Form-New Technology Adoption Form can be found at

Cashier forms

Deposit Slip to Cashier (Excel file)

Loan forms

Application for Automatic Payment (PDF file)
Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note (MPN) (PDF file)
Federal Perkins Cancellation (PDF file)
Federal Perkins & Reed Loan Request for Deferment (PDF file)
Federal Perkins Request for Deferment Due to Economic Hardship (PDF file)
Federal Perkins & Reed Loan Request for Forbearance (PDF file)
Federal Perkins & Reed Loan Request for Unemployment Deferment (PDF file)
Reed College Federal Perkins Release Form (PDF file)
Reed Loan Exit Information Form (Word doc)

Accounts Payable forms

Disbursement Request (Excel file)
Invoice Voucher (Excel file)
Personal Services Agreement (PDF file)
P-Card forms

Other forms

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF file)
Application for Housing Loan (PDF file)
Application for Mac Loan(PDF file)
Application for Tuition Remission for Dependent Child (Word file)
Application for Tuition Remission for Dependent Child(PDF)
Change of Address Form (PDF file)
Mobile Device Allowance Policy (PDF file)
Mobile Device Allowance Request Form (PDF file)
Special Payroll Authorization (fillable PDF file)
Payroll Deduction Authorization (Word file)
To pay online you need the following:
  • Student’s full name
  • Student’s Reed ID
  • Bank account number and routing number OR credit card information
  • Amount to pay

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10 a.m.–4 p.m.

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