I am an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Reed College. My research explores different ways to model biological systems using computers, concentrating on how diseases such as cancer affect these systems.

Before joining Reed in 2015, I was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, working with T. M. Murali. I developed graph and hypergraph algorithms for signaling pathway prediction.

I received my PhD in 2012 from the Department of Computer Science at Brown University, advised by Ben Raphael (who is now at Princeton). My dissertation focused on analyzing structural variants in human and cancer genomes. I received my Master's from Brown in 2008 for work in motif identification from phosphoproteomic data.

I received my undergraduate degree from Carleton College in 2006. Advised by Dave Musicant, I worked with chemists to develop useful and scalable tools to analyze atmospheric particles.

Latest News

December 2017
Fall classes are complete! Have a good winter break.
I am reviewing applications for the High School and Collegiate NCWIT Aspirations Award - good luck applicants!
I went to the ROCKY Bioinformatics Conference, where I gave a flash talk and a poster on Integrating Protein Localization Information in Signaling Pathway Reconstructions.
November 2017
Our paper Differentially Private ANOVA Testing. was accepted at ICDIS 2018. Congratulations to first author Zachary Campbell '18 and the other co-authors Adam Groce and Andrew Bray!
I attended the twenty-sixth Murdock College Science Research Conference in Spokane, with other Reed faculty and students.
October 2017
Congratulations to my collaborator George Thomas at OHSU - our paper Metabolic reprogramming ensures cancer cell survival despite oncogenic signaling blockade was accepted to Genes & Development.
The paper titled Programming the Central Dogma: An Integrated Unit on Computer Science and Molecular Biology Concepts has been accepted at SICGSE 2018. Thanks to the students for providing valuable feedback on the Bio131 unit.
I gave a Systems Science seminar at Portland State University.
I gave a Biology seminar at Lewis and Clark College.
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