Feb. 24th
Gene Duplication: Models of Retentionmodels

READING: All students will Read Hahn 2009 pg 608 - 614 (This is the second half of the article we read earlier).

SNACKS: By Suzy (again)

While it is generally agreed that there are three functional outcomes for the evolution of gene duplicates, many population genetic models have been proposed to explain the paths by which genes duplicates may reach the observed end points. While we will not delve into the mathematical models behind these theories we will take a quick look at some of them.

1) redundancy :: Tyrone Lee
2) Dosage :: Andrea Padgett
3) Segregation avoidance :: Morgan Movius
4) Duplication Degeneration - Complementation :: Laurel Oldach
5) Specialization and Gene Sharing :: Brianna Patton
6) Dyhkuizen-Hartl and :: Quinn Langdon
7) Adaptation :: Mikey Badr

Students will volunteer to present a 15 - 20 minute "chalk talk" explanation of these processes.

In addition to reading Hahn 2009 students will consult primarily literature to develop a better understanding for their presentation