Feb. 17th

We will not have discussion tonight but there are a few highly recomended eventsendy

4:15 - 5:15 Seminar By Drew Endy.
title: TBA

5:30 - 6:30 Dinner with Drew Endy
in GCC-B


The funding for this seminar comes from a Science Technology Engineering and Math grant and the seminar is open to ALL students. It should be of interest to many students in Math, Chemistry and Physics in addition to Biology students.

  • Drew Endy has earned degrees in civil, environmental, and biochemical engineering from Lehigh and Dartmouth.
  • He has studied genetics & microbiology at UT Austin and UW Madison.
  • He helped to start the Molecular Sciences Institute, an independent not-for-profit biological research lab in Berkeley, CA.
  • He was one of the organizers for iGEM, the international Genetically Engineered Machine competiton for undergraduates students.
  • He co-founded Codon Devices, Inc., a venture-funded startup that is working to develop next-generation DNA synthesis technology.
  • He co-founded the BioBricks Foundation, an organization working to develop legal and economic strategies to support open biotechnology.
  • He was on the Faculty at MIT from 2004 - 2008
  • He is currently an Assistant Professor in Standford's Department of Bioengineering.
  • His current research interests include error detection & correction in reproducing machines, genetic memory, and the engineering of integrated biological systems.


Drew has asked that students to read and consider the recent Presidential Commission on Bioethics report to Obama on synthetic biology. YOU ONLY NEED TO READ THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY NOT ALL 200 PAGES! click here for .pdf

At dinner, students will be asked to imagine that they sit at and lead the biology and biotechnology strategy desks at the Office of Science & Technology Policy in the Whitehouse.

  • Given the report, students should think about which of recommended projects, problems, or initiativses should be addressed first?
  • Why do you consider that particular project or initiative to be the most important?
  • What types of skills and people are needed to realize success?


If you still have stamina left for another seminar.... check out

7:30 PM PRPL Division seminar by Diane Halpern
"Women at the Top: Powerful Leaders Tell Us How To Combine Work and Family"
Vollum Lounge