Feb 10th
Gene Duplication: DNA process that lead to duplicated genes.

READING: All students will read:
Hahn 2009 pg 605 - 608 (we will read the rest of this in a couple weeks)
Taylor, J.S. and Raes, J. (2004) Duplication and divergence: The evolution of new genes and old ideas. Annual Review of Genetics 38:615-643.


We will discuss the molecular mechanisms that are responsible for the duplication of genetic material.
While there are numerous mechanisms and nuanced details that lead to slight variations of these processes, the general mechanisms can be grouped into 4 categories.

1) Unequal Crossing Over :: Jeff Hunter

2) Duplicative Transposition of DNA (for an exhaustive review see Paques) :: Mischka Moechtar

3) Retrotransposition (for a short note see Broslus) :: Kaleigh Ahlquist

4) Polyploidization :: Sean Maden


4 Students will volunteer to present a 15 - 20 minute "chalk talk" explanation of these processes.