April 3rd 2008

Will McNitt


He is on his own, but I expect great things!!!!
Lets see if we can get to function with a bit ofgood-ol-epidemiology and hard core sequence comparison.

Thomson, Holden, Parkhill (2005) Brothers in arms Nature Reviews Microbiology 3:100-101.

PSG Chain, E Carniel, FW Larimer, J Lamerdin, P Stoutland, WM Regala, AM Georgescu,
LM Vergez, ML Land, VL Motin, RR Brubaker, J Fowler, J Hinnebusch, M Marceau
(2004) Insights into the evolution of Yersinia pestis through whole-genome comparison with Yersinia pseudotuberculosis PNAS v101:13826 –13831


Beverages by Dan and Chris

Introduction of the authors by Christine and Melissa