March 13th 2008

Kelsey Wood and Alex Winters

Discussion topic: Copy number variation

Feuk, L., Carson, A.R., Scherer, S.W. (2006) Structural variation in th human genome. Nature Reviews Genetics 7:85-97.
Perry, G.,H., Dominy, H.J., Claw, K.G., Lee, A.S., Fiegler, H., Redon, R., Werner, J., Villanea, F.A., Mountain, J.L., Misra, R., Carter, N.P., Lee, C. and Stone, A.C. (2007) Diet and the evolution of human amylase gene copy number variation. Nature Genetics 39: 1256-1260.


Who-is-Who? by Chris Black and Dan Bernstein

Drinks by Molly Schumer and Amanda Trail.