Februray 14th 2008

Laurel Brehm and Rachel Bond

Meta Genomics of Microbial Communities

This review looks to be intersting enough to justify its length. Truly a comparative and functional approach through genomic analysis.

Riesenfeld, C. S., Scholss, P.D., Handelsman, J., (2004) METAGENOMICS: Genomic Analysis of Microbial Communities. Annual Review of Genetics 38:525-552.

And a specific research paper by the same authors addresses the "Plate Problem". Despite our inability to easily culture 99% of the microbes, these authors present a means to understand functional components of the genomes from these unidentified microbes.

Riesenfeld, C. S., Goodman, R.M., Handelsman, J., (2004) Uncultured soil bacteria are a reservoir of new antibiotic resistance genes. Environmental Microbiology 6:981-989.

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Cleanup from last week

In case anyone is keen to learn more details about the different sequencing techniques that are emerging I reccommend the following 3 papers

Shendure, J. Mitra, R.D., Varma, C., Church, G.M. (2004) Advanced Sequencing Technologies: Methods and Goals. Nature Reviews Genetics 5:335-344.

Wold, B. Myers, R.M. (2008) Sequence Census Methods for Fuctional Genomics. Nature Methods 5:19-21.

Ju, J., Kim, D.H., Bi, L., Meng, Q., Bai, X., Xi, Z., Li, X., Marma, M.S., Shi, S., Wu, J., Edwards, J.R., Romu, A., Turro, N.J., (2006) Four-color DNA Sequencing by Synthesis Using Cleavable Fluorescent Nucleotide Reversible Terminators. PNAS 103:19635-19640.

Tom Keller also left a web version of his lecture outline which has some useful links.