Labs for Animal Behavior

General Expectations

The topic and animals for the first 7 weeks are set, however students should come to lab prepared to think creatively as there will not be a step-by-step protocol for every lab. Primary reference papers will provide "inspiration".

The second half of the semester is dedicated to "independent projects" in which students will work in small groups (up to 4 students). The background, methods, data and conclusions of this work will be presented in a poster format during lab the last week of class.

Every student is expected to keep their own lab notebook and not rely on the notebook of a labmate. Raw data need not be copied from one notebook to another. But each lab notebook should include a clear indication of where the Raw Data are (another lab notebook, or a computer file).
Lab notebooks will be evaluated!

General Expectations for Lab Notebooks

Assignments: (see each week for details)
week1 - Lab set up
week2 - Jwatcher with live crickets or recorded Drosophila Behavior.
week3 - Zoo trip (nothing to turn in)
week4 - 1 page "grant proposal" from the zoo due in lab plus 5 minute power point presentation.
week4 - Start working with DreamWeaver software for website (actual topic not required)
week5 - Guppy lab is evaluated in the Notebook Only.
week4 - Statistics problems set done in lab. Websites started in lab.
week5 - Protocol adult mating behavior due in lab week6.
week6 - Data analysis of Rover/Sitter data (week5 and 6 data) to be handed in the following week.
week7 - Electric fish lab is evaluated by notebook only.

Independent Project Assignments: