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BIO342_2010 Student Presentations:

There will be 4 dates this semester for student presented primary literature.  Each student will do one presentation working with another student partner. Choose a primary literature paper of interest to you.

One week before your presentation date:
1) You must have your paper choice approved by the professor.
2) Write 3 questions for discussion following your presentation. These must also be approved by the professor.
3) The professor will post the paper and questions on the website.

The Presentation itself will include:
1) An 8-10 minute power point (not more than 5 slides) or chalk board presentation.
(the TAs will be available for you to practice these presentations)
2) Facilitating a 7-5 minute discussion with the class based around your prepared questions.
3) Presentations will be recorded.

After the Presentation:
1) Student pairs will view their own presentation and complete a self evaluation

Students not presenting on a particular day will:
1) Read at least 2 of the papers that will be presented. This is required for 2 student presentations days only.
2) Prepare typed answers to the questions posed by the presenter of your 2 chosen papers.
3) Actively participate in all discussions.

The 2-3  "discussion questions" should be answerable with only the reference you have provided and general information from class. These questions should be questions that do not have a right or wrong answer, but rather should stimulate discussion among students. 

The presentation should include any background that is necessary to fully understand the results of the paper.  The presentation should include figures taken (or adapted) from the paper.  It is not necessary to present ALL results in the paper.  The presentation should include your evaluation of the results and conclusions. 
Does the data support the authors' claim?
Does the data challenge previous understanding?
It is not necessary to choose an "earth shattering" publication, it is not even necessary to choose a particularly excellent publication. If you choose to use the presentation to critique a paper it should be done on sound scientific grounds.

Please post your power point presentation to the courses server before 5:00 p.m. the night before your presentation and check that the graphics work. (Presentation may NOT be brought to class on a USB flash drive.)


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