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Discussion and Participation

Students are expected to come to class prepared to be involved in discussion on all assigned reading. While general curiosity and inquiry is expected every day, 8 specific days are indicated as "Discussion days".
1- Tinbergen Discussion
2- Adaptationists Discussion
3- Cryptic Male Choice Discussion
4- Cultural inheritance Discussion
5-8 Student presentation days.

There questions for each discussion day:
1) There will be 4-5 questions
2) Students will be required to answer a subset of these.
3) The questions will be answerable without (much) outside reading.
4) For most questions there will be no “wrong” answer.

The responses:
1) Will be typed (not more than a few sentences each) and brought to class
2) Will be discussed in class
3) Will be appended/amended by hand if students change their minds, have additional ideas, or disagree with the discussion.
4) Will be handed in at the end of the discussion for credit.


Each student will be allowed to omit the written assignment (but not participation) for 2 of the 8 assigned discussion days.
Therefore, over the course of the semester each student must hand in answers for a total of 6 Discussion days.

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