Week 15

Dec. 6th

How to Make a POSTER.

choose one of the following papers from the field of "Animal Personality"

"Animal personalities" are heritable in birds.

"Animal personalities" persist in captivity.

We can uncover molecular mechanisms of "Animal Personalities"

Crickets have animal personality too.

Consider how you would turn this paper into a "good" poster.

  • Can you come up with a creative title that will attract people to your poster?
  • What important background information do you need to tell your viewer? How can you do that with images and short concise statements?
  • Can you turn the methods section into a flowchart, figure, or timeline?
  • Can you use color to connect individuals, specific conditions, different experiments, etc.
  • In less than 10 words, what is you primary conclusion?
  • Make every word on your poster count. Not one single useless word should be there.
  • Your poster is a tool with which you will interact with your reader.


Dec 8th (Wed. is a Friday)




FOURTH Annual Reed Animal Behavior Poster Session will be during Finals Week

DECEMBER 15th 1:00 - 4:00