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MOODLE and Participation

There is a MOODLE for this class at . This is also where you can access the course website. There are seven MOODLE participation forums. Each student is required to post to the first MOODLE forum and then to at least 2 of the remaining 6 throughout the semester.

A posting includes a .pdf file of a primary research paper and a short comment designed to stimulate discussion on MOODLE and also in class.
Why was this paper was selected?
What part of the paper is most important/interesting?
Is there is a part of the paper with which you disagree?
Is there a flaw in the experimental design?
Is there a part that you don't understand?
Are there additional experiments that you would suggest?

In preparing for class:
ALL students are expected to read at least SOME of the postings on EACH MOODLE forums.

Students are expected to read a couple of the papers.
Students are expected to respond to the postings on MOODLE.
Students are expected to be ready to discuss these papers in class.


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