To attend chiefly to the desk or schoolhouse while we neglect the scenery in which it is placed is absurd.

H.D. Thoreau


Bio 431 Global Change Ecology (Fall 2017)

Overview: This seminar is centered on addressing the question: In light of ongoing environmental change, how are the Earth’s ecological systems likely to respond? We will discus and present primary literature related to advanced basic and applied concepts in ecology to 1) explore the theories and tools ecologists possess for understanding the ecological response to environmental change and 2) identify what sources of uncertainly and obstacles for accurately understanding such issues.

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BIO 301 Ecology (Spring 2018)

Overview: This course examines fundamental concepts in ecology such as limits to distribution, behavior ecology, population ecology, species interactions, community ecology, and ecosystem ecology. Central objectives of this course are to 1) evaluate the evidence that supports major theories in ecology, and 2) to actively participate in the process by which theories are tested, falsified, and refined. Weekly laboratories will help facilitate the later objective. Lectures and laboratories will emphasize how ecologists gain inference from experiments, observations, and ecological models. 

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