Faculty & Staff


Derek A. Applewhite - Website
Cellular biology, cytoskeletal dynamics, cell motility, and morphogenesis

Kara Cerveny - Website
(On sabbatical fall 2015)
Developmental biology, growth control, and the visual system

David A. Dalton - Website
Plant physiology; biological nitrogen fixation; forest ecophysiology

Keith Karoly - Website
Plant evolution; evolution of plant mating systems

Jay Mellies, Chair - Website
Microbiology; pathogenesis

Suzy Renn - Website
Behavioral biology; genomic analysis of animal behavior

Anna Ritz - Website
Computational biology; genome structural variation; signaling pathways

Sarah Schaack - Website
Genetics/genomics; transposable elements; mutation

Todd Schlenke - Website
Evolutionary genetics, host-parasite interactions.

Janis Shampay - Website
Molecular biology; chromosome structure and function

Erik Zornik - Website
Neurobiology, neural basis of behavior
(On sabbatical fall 2015)

Emeritus Faculty

Stephen W. Arch - Website
Regulatory biology; neurochemistry

Steven D. Black - Website
Developmental biology

Bert G. Brehm
Plant evolutionary biology

G. Frank Gwilliam
Neurobiology; invertebrate zoology; marine biology

Robert H. Kaplan - Website
Evolutionary ecology; population biology; conservation biology

Maryanne C. McClellan - Website
Cellular biology; hormonal regulation of growth and differentiation

Laurens N. Ruben - Website

Peter J. Russell - Website
Molecular genetics: RNA virus gene expression in yeast


Kristy Gonyer
Biology Outreach Coordinator

Carey Booth - Details
Departmental Associate

Susan Buttrick - Email
Administrative Coordinator

Kristine Hayes
Lab & Biology Stockroom Manager

Ned Knight - Details
Departmental Associate

Greta Glover - Email
Laboratory Associate
(503) 517-7623

Post-doctoral & Visiting Researchers

Maia Benner - Postdoctoral Researcher (Renn Lab) 
Bioinformatics; transcriptomics & genomics

Jeremy Coate - Website
Plant evolutionary biology; polyploidy; genomics

Leigh C. Latta IV - Website
Senior Research Associate
Ecological genomics; plasticity; mutation

Heidi Liere - Website
Visiting Scientist
Insect Ecology; Agroecology & Biodiversity Conservation

Cynthia O'Rourke - Postdoctoral Researcher (Renn Lab) 
Behavioral Genomics; feeding behavior & maternal care