Schedule of Laboratory Exercises and Experiments

Lab packet (all 7 weeks)

Dates   LAB
Aug 31-Sept 1 Week 1 Fertilization (Urchins)
Sept 7-8 Week 2 Developmental Genetics (Flies)
Sept 14-15 Week 3 Patterning (Fish)
Sept 21-22 Week 4 Gastrulation (Clay)
Sept 28-29 Week 5 Investigating signaling pathways in development (Fish)
Oct 5-6 Week 6 Somitogenesis and organogenesis (Chick)
Oct 12-13 Week 7 CNS and methods I; plus independent project intro (Fish)
Fall Break Thinking/planning independent project
Oct 26-Dec 4 Weeks 8 - 13 Independent projects
Dec 12 Finals Week Oral presentations

* Although your independent projects will most likely entail experiments that require time outside of the assigned 1-5pm on Wed and Thurs time slot, please use that time to ensure that you have assembled necessary reagents or consulted with Kara about questions. Please be safe -- ALWAYS work in the lab with a partner, or coordinate with another group so that you are not alone in the lab, especially late at night/very early in the morning.