Professor: Kara Cerveny, Ph.D.
Office: Bio 224; if I'm not there, please check the lab (Bio 222).
Office Hours: Friday 9:00am-noon or by appointment
Class Mtg: Physics 123, Tues and Thurs 10:30–11:50
Lab Mtg: Biology 207, Wed or Thurs 1:10-5pm
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Course Description

Modern developmental biology analyzes one of the most remarkable events in all of life – the formation of a complex, multi-cellular organism from a single cell – with an armamentarium of genetic, molecular, cellular, and embryological techniques. In this lecture-lab course, we will (1) survey a variety of organisms, noting their individual strengths; (2) probe the genetic, molecular, and cellular changes that drive distinct stages of development; (3) learn how cell fate is determined; (4) investigate the processes that guide tissue growth and regeneration and (5) study aspects of human embryogenesis associated with particular congenital diseases.

During the first half of the laboratory portion of the class, experiments with a variety of model organisms will illustrate concepts from lecture and introduce a variety of techniques. During the second half of the laboratory portion of the class, students will conduct independent projects that address open questions about cell fate, growth, and embryonic development.

In this class, we will learn through lecture and discussion based on readings, take-home and in-class assignments (including exams), and various embodiment activities. All of these require your participation. It is my job to help you learn the material, and it is your job to make every effort to attend and participate in all classes, ask questions, and seek help by visiting office hours and/or making an appointment to see me.