Schedule | Bio101 - Fall 2017

Monday 1:10-2:00 pm in Vollum Lecture Hall (VLH), Tuesday and Thursday 9-10:20 am VLH
(Note that Monday Sept. 4 is Labor Day, so there will be no lecture that day.)

Tues, Wed, Thurs, OR Fri 1:10pm-5:00pm in B5, B7, or B21 (see your schedule)

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Course Materials


Sadava, D, D.M. Hillis, H.C. Heller, and M.R. Berenbaum 2011. Life The Science of Biology, 9th Edition. Sinauer Asso., Inc. Sunderland, MA. (Available at the bookstore and on two-hour reserve at the library).


For those new to Intro Bio, purchase the Bio Binder ($10) that comes with reference documents and a quad ruled laboratory notebook at the Reed College Bookstore next to the textbook.

Assignments and Exams

  • Pre-lab exercises will be available on starting at 10:25 am Thursday the week before each lab and are due by 1:00 pm on your lab day. These are open notes.
  • There will be both in lecture and in lab assignments. Attendance is critical.
  • There will be a mid-term exam at the end of each section.
  • A three-hour final exam will be given at the end of the term.
  • The honor principle is in effect at all times.
Date Topic Lab
Aug 28 M Course Overview A Question of Homology
Aug 29 T Module 1 (Keith Karoly) Plant Evolution
Aug 31 Th Unity and Diversity: Plant Reproductive Biology
Sept 4 M No Class-Labor Day
Phylogenetic Analyses & Plant Diversity I
Sept 5 T Organizing Diversity - Phylogenetics 
Sept 7 Th Linking Taxonomy & Phylogeny 
Sept 11 M Diversity - A View Using Population Genetics Phylogenetic Analyses & Plant Diversity II
Sept 12 T Evolutionary Mechanisms
Sept 14 Th Evolutionary Mechanisms & Diversity
Sept 18 M Experimental Design & Statistical Analysis Brassica Responses to Herbivory
Sept 19 T Adaptation: Plant Reproductive Biology
Sept 21 Th Darwin's Abominable Mystery
Sept 25 M Module 2 (Jay Mellies) Microbiology Aseptic Technique and Microbial Populations
Sept 26 T Plant Evolution midterm exam
Sept 28 Th  Bacterial Anatomy 
Oct 2 M  Microbial Growth  Microbial Growth and Staining
Oct 3 T  Bacterial Anatomy
Oct 5 Th  Molecular Genetics I
Oct 9 M Conjugation Conjugation, Coliforms, and Antimicrobials
Oct 10 T Molecular Genetics II
Oct 12 Th Prokaryotic HGT
Oct 23 M Antibiotic Resistance Data Analysis
Oct 24 T Energetics 
Oct 26 Th Energetics
Oct 30 M Module 3 (Sarah Schaack) Genetics and Genomics  Introduction to Using Databases for Genetic Research and
DNA Extraction
Oct 31 T Introduction to the Sushi Labs
Nov 2 Th Microbiology midterm exam
Nov 6 M Amplifying & Working with DNA Sequence Alignment, Primer Design, and PCR
Nov 7 T DNA, Genes, & Genomes; Replication & Mitosis
Nov 9 Th Mutation and Evolution
Nov 13 M Visualizing & Sequencing DNA  Gel Electrophoresis and DNA Sequencing
Nov 14 T Transcription, Translation, and Proteins 
Nov 16 Th Genotype to Phenotype, and Genetic Disease 
Nov 20 M Meiosis, Sex, and Recombination NO LABS-- Thanksgiving
Nov 21 T Diversity in Reproduction & Inheritance 
Nov 23 Th NO Lecture-- Thanksgiving
Nov 27 M Analyzing Sequence Data Sequence Analysis and Scientific Writing
Nov 28 T Functional Genetics and Genomics
Nov 30 Th Editing and Synthesizing Genes and Genomes
Dec 4 M Midterm review NO LABS
Dec 5 T Genetics and Genomics midterm exam
Dec 15 T Final Exam 9am-noon VLH