Mustard cpDNA -- 2017 PCR RFLP digests

All digests below include ladders in the left and/or right lanes. Samples should be arranged alphabetically from left to right (A toH, J to M).
In cases where PCR products were not available for all taxa, I've included digest data from a previous year.
Sizes for some of the bands in the ladder lane are noted. The principle ladders used were Invitrogen's 100 bp ladder and New England Biolabs' 1 kb ladder (see images below).

Clicking on any gel image will bring up a new browser window with a higher resolution image of the digest.

Our results this year can be compared with those from 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, or 2016

NEB 100bp ladder
NEB 1 kbladder

trnTS DdeI

trnTS HaeIII

trnTS HhaI

trnTS HinfI

trnTS MspI

trnTS RsaI

trnV-rbcL DdeI

trnV-rbcL HaeIII

trnV-rbcL HhaI

trnV-rbcL HinfI

trnV-rbcL MspI

trnV-rbcL RsaI