Works and Days

DePaul Treatment Centers

My internship at De Paul Treatment Centers is a non-profit development (fundraising) internship made possible by Reed's Internship Advantage Initiative.     

My first week at De Paul Treatment Centers was mostly filled with getting familiar with the office and who works there, and what their philosophy is. The orientation I attended really brought home their message of treatment for everyone. Although anyone can receive treatment at De Paul, their biggest mission is providing treatment to those who cannot afford it and who would otherwise go without treatment.

I worked on the giant timeline for their biggest fundraising event, The Freedom Award. This award is given to someone who is in recovery and has been public about their journey toward freedom from addiction. This is a person who is prominent in the community and their public recovery helps to dismantle the stigma around addiction. The "Timeline" is the list of all of the things that need to be accomplished in order to make the event a success, as well as the dates they need to be completed by. My job as the intern this summer is to know what needs to be done and who needs to do it, and to do my best to help them complete each task on time. As the summer goes on, more and more tasks will need to be completed, so my days will be busier come the middle of July.

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