Works and Days

De Paul Treatment Centers Internship, Ch 2

As the Freedom Award Luncheon looms closer, I am working harder than ever. I keep track of all our table sales and preparations. I've made so many spreadsheets, I almost never want to open Microsoft Excel again! I am learning about all of the organization it takes to prepare for this event, which will host somewhere around 470 people. All of the decorations and the menu must be ordered. Invitations need to be sent out. I'm sure that when I get back from vacation I will have a stack of RSVPs to wade through so that we can begin table seating arrangements.

I am learning a lot about how crucial wording is to a company when they are promoting a fundraising event. My boss and I once labored over a single word in the press release for thirty minutes! I am very excited to see this event succeed. I am also helping to plan a storytelling event in December around the theme of recovery and addition with the local live storytelling group, Back Fence PDX. This event will hopefully be another great fundraiser for De Paul!

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