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Greetings, dear Reedies!

Be inspired by your fellow Reedies and their summer plans and share what your summer plans are as well. Follow the link below to let us know what your plans are, this is a great way for you to make good connections with fellow classmates and it also allows Beyond Reed to focus on planning internships and externships that better serve our students.

On this form you have the option to remain anonymous or to not have your summer plans publish to this page, either way we appreciate you taking time to share your plans with us.

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Summer Plans

1. Alyssa Harrison - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

I will be working with Rebecca LaLonde in her summer laboratory, exploring Portland, reading, and training for a half-marathon.

2. Amelia Dunn - Physics

I will be participating in the Department of Energy's SULI program at Ames National Lab. My research project consists of determining equilibrium and nonequilibrium phase transformations of alloys.

3. Audrey Spaeth - Biology

I am working as a supervisor and member of the leadership team at a Girl Scout summer camp in Washington state. In previous years I have been a counselor, a counselor-in-training, and a camper there.

4. Clarise Sky-Johnson - Linguistics

I will be getting a summer job and spending my free time recreationally reading Greek texts and playing games and spending time with my boyfriend.

5. Colleen Werkheiser - physics

I will be doing an REU at SRI International Lab in Menlo Park, CA and then hanging out with family in the bay area.

6. Daniel Herman - Physics

For the summer of 2014, I will be working at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA as part of their heliophysics REU program. I will be analyzing/simulating the evolution of solar flares under the direction of advisor Katherine Reeves (Class of 1997).

7. Eduardo Navas - Linguistics

I will be spending June to September in the Freie Universit├Ąt, Berlin for an intensive summer of German. In the process I will be learning how to learn a language in general - a big help to me once I start doing the linguistics courses here at Reed. In my spare time I will further pursue my violin, translate my favorite german texts (eg. Rilke), and immerse myself in the new culture.

8. Elliot Robinson - History

I am going to be travelling back to New York this summer after my family and I do some driving around Southern Oregon and Northern California. Then, I want to find some sort of a job that I'll like to do back in New York for part of the summer, and also work on my medieval living history kit more (making a steel lamellar cuirass, hand-sewing a linen tunic, etc.). I feel that summers should have a balance of fun and responsibility.

9. Anonymous - Biology

I'll be ocean lifeguarding on the Jersey Shore, 9-5+ six days a week. Saving up money for post-graduation dreams of exploring South America. Taking SCUBA classes, learning organic chemistry. Living in the Atlantic, breathing seawater. Encountering cownose rays, practicing Spanish. With the rays. The rays speak Spanish. Latin-American Spanish.

10. Emma Williams-Baron - Sociology

I will be interning with the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women. I will likely be involved in the policy area of workplace equity. My work may include tasks such as writing briefing memos, press releases and reports, researching, data tracking and analysis, organizing events, social media outreach, and working with Commissioners on special projects. I am very excited to explore gender in the workplace further (it was the subject of my qual, and I have done a fair amount of research related to it in several classes), as well as experience the everyday of a small local government department!

11. Eren Veziroglu - Biochemistry

This summer I will be doing research at the Molecular Biophotonics and Imaging Lab at Stanford (Principal Investigator: Christopher Contag), taking calculus-based physics at West Valley College, and training for the Tour of California Alps - Death Ride.

12. Ethan Ho - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

I will be working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in D.C. doing quantum mechanical calculations for the Material Measurement Lab.

13. Hannah Looney - French

Summers aren't for internships or career moves. They're for having fun, so I'll be visiting my Reedie boyfriend in California, listening to Meat Loaf with my family, hanging out by the Missouri River, and writing poetry.

14. Anonymous - Environmental Studies: History

I will tour on my bicycle south from Portland through California, and then back North again. Stays at a few WWOOFing farms will punctuate my tour. I expect to encounter goats, flats, fingerpicking, yet unknown friends, collapsed colonies, at least one drought, and quite enough people who are surprised that a woman would do such a thing alone.

15. Isabella Jorissen - Math

I will be working as an intern at a small portland startup called Graph Alchemist. I will be doing mostly front-end development.

16. Jacob Robertson - Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

I secured an internship in the Plant Genome Research Project at the Boyce Thomson Institute for Plant Research, a Cornell University affiliate. The research intership will introduce me to some of the latest biochemical, molecular biological, and genomic techniques while acquainting me to the professional atmosphere of a large research institute.

Before the internship, I'll be spending time with my friends and family back home in Erie, PA. I'm quite excited to say that I'll see Modest Mouse the first weekend after commencement. After the internship, I'm hoping to hike some of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia with my Grandma and other family members.

17. Kaori Freda - Studio Art

This summer, I will be representing Switchboard at the Reed Reunions, house-sitting for a Reed alum, I'll be attending PSU's NEW Leadership Oregon program, and teaching art at a charming children's art camp in Portland. I also plan to fly to Mexico to WWOOF for a brief bit.

18. Anonymous - Environmental Studies - Political Science

I'll be working part-time, living in a house off of Woodstock, and interning with the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to gather data for a project on local food processing and distribution in Portland (possibly to influence/inspire legislation).

19. Maddie Brandt - Math

I plan to complete an NSF REU in Mathematics at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

20. Maddy Wagar - Psychology

This summer, thanks to the financial support of the President's Summer Fellowship, I will be at Lunenburg Correction Center, a level 2 prison, conducting a photojournalism project documenting the journey of a select group of inmates. These inmates are students enrolled in an in-prison college degree program, the Southside Virginia Community College's Campus Within Walls college program. Student's who complete the program successfully will re-enter society better prepared to contribute constructively, with an accredited degree, and a unique and valuable sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment that is atypical of the usual prison experience.

21. Mari Cobb - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

I will be participating in an internship at the Oregon Health and Science University where I will be working on a project focused on FoxG1 syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder classified as a severe form of autism. In addition to working in the lab, I will be working around Reed, playing music, and getting up to shenanigans up and down the Pacific Northwest.

22. Mari Cobb - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

I will be participating in an internship at the Oregon Health and Science University where I will be working on a project focused on FoxG1 syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder classified as a severe form of autism. In addition to working in the lab, I will be working around Reed, playing music, and getting up to shenanigans up and down the Pacific Northwest.

23. Mary Lubbers - Sociology

Am line to work a full time job with the Walla Walla Parks service. Working in the parks in my hometown, especially on a full time basis is going to be amazing. Definitely looking forward to being outside for 8 hours a day. When I'm not working I'm hoping to make a dent in my reading list.

24. Maya Campbell - History

I'll be interning for the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C. working on race policy/doing related research for their Progress 2050 division for 8 weeks. Then I'm spending two weeks vacationing with my family for the first time in about two years!

25. Naomi Gendler - Physics

This summer, I'll be participating in CalTech's LIGO REU program. I will be working on estimating parameters of the gravitational waves made by coalescing binary stars.

26. Nick Irvin - Physics

I will research fluid mechanics for wave and wind energy applications. I received the Reed Presidential Fellowship, which will fund me as I pursue this research. I will create water waves in a wave tank and measure their interactions with energy converters. I will use computer simulations to analyze how wind moves around wind turbines.

27. Nicole Ezell - Biology

As a recovering physics major, I came a little late in the game to the bio department, so I have to take chemistry at PSU. I am assured that this means that I will have to live, breath and eat chemistry...

I will travel back to Texas for a couple of weeks to take a dip in Barton Springs and hoop in the sun. Other plans include fermenting a batch of oatmeal stout and - *gasp* - reading for fun.

28. Nicole Marino - Anthropology

I will be working at an art foundation at home in Connecticut this summer.

29. Noah Atchison - Economics

I recieved a Ducey Grant to work with the Fair Housing Council of Oregon to clean up a slew of data the US Treasury department released about applicants to the Home Affordable Modification Program. Once the data is workable we'll be looking at whether race and gender had significant effects on applicants' ability to receive assistance through the program.

30. Oleksandr Lushchyk - Chemistry

I will be working at Greene Tweed as an assistant in the Advanced Technology Sector, researching and developing elastomers.

31. Rachael Otto - Chemistry

This summer I will be working at Reed with organic chemistry professors Rebecca LaLonde and Alan Shusterman.

32. Riley Thornton - Math

I'm going to spend a month kicking around Portugal, a month kicking around Portland, and a month kicking at the foundations of set theory in UCLA's REU in Logic.

33. Robert Rennie - Mathematics

May 24th to June 21st: Category Theory and Nonstandard Analysis independent study while I hang out in Pasadena, CA.

June 21st to August 3rd: MSRI-UP in Berkeley, CA.

August 3rd to 8th: Mathfest in Portland, OR.

Rest of Summer: Hop around the West coast learning Homological Algebra and Probability Theory and visiting family.

34. Robin Alexis Byron - Biology

I am working as a deckhand aboard the Liberty Fleet of tall ships in Boston, MA.

35. Anonymous - Religion

I'll be sticking around Portland this summer working full-time for the Hardware Shop on campus. I'll also probably be getting together a philosophy reading group with other students who decided to stay behind for break.

36. Salish Davis - Anthropology

I am a Fellow for, a national environmental organization. I will go to Minneapolis for one week for trainings and then head to Bellingham , WA to help organize against Tar Sands with a smaller group called Forest Ethics. I'll spend a lot of time outside with friends and family, and hopefully get some rock climbing in at Squamish!

37. Sanjeev Verma - Philosophy

I have an internship with Motionsoft, a software company in Washington, DC. I will be working on projects with CFO and COO related to product management (SaaS and MRM) as well as account management (full service billing). In my spare time I will be developing an iOS app with a Reed alum.

38. Shabab Mirza - Economics

First, I'm travelling back home to Dhaka for a few weeks. I have not been back home during mango season in 4 years, so this is a Big Deal.

I'm working with a local theatre organization called Living Stages for a two-part project: (1) I will be conducting workshops to help train a core team of performers in the style of Theatre of the Oppressed. (2) I will help them with administrative duties, including fundraising, board development, and helping them with articles of incorporation so that they can become a 501(c)(3) in Oregon.

I am really excited that the ISS Summer Experience Award will allow me to do this projec, and am still looking for part-time work to cover the remainder of my costs.

39. Shea McElroy - Religion

I'll be working as a camp counselor for 12-16 year old girls at Camp Augusta in the Sierra Nevadas in CA.

40. Stewart Green - Biochem/ Molecular Bio

I'm working with Rebecca LaLonde in the Reed Chemistry department, ideally synthesizing biologically active compounds using Bismuth catalysis (a non-toxic, cheap alternative to Palladium catalysts).

41. Timothy Tyree - Physics

I'm probably watching ice melt.