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(Deadline for 2015: 2 p.m. Tuesday, February 17, 2015)

The way I see it, the most valuable lesson that this experience has taught me is to never to doubt my capacity to succeed in unfamiliar territory.
Sarah Tiffany-Appleton '14, 2013 President's Summer Fellow

2013 PSF Fellows

L-R: Winta Yohannes ’15, John Young ’15, Maddy Wagar ’16, Briana Foley ’15, Johnny Mendoza ’15, Nicholas Irvin ’15

The Reed College President’s Summer Fellowship, established in 2012 with a gift from trustee Dan Greenberg '62, and Susan Steinhauser, offers you the opportunity to turn your imaginings into reality. Its purpose is to encourage you to develop summer projects that will lead to individual growth and transformation.

This fellowship is unique in that it allows you—a Reed first-year student, sophomore, or junior—the opportunity to create a ten-week summer experience that is bounded only by your imagination (and the counsel of those whose advice you seek).

Read about the 2014 cohort of winning students and their projects.

The program awards $5000 to as many as 10 students. It is intended to encourage current first-year students, sophomores, and juniors to plan and develop a creative and innovative experience that can be carried out over the course of a summer. We encourage applicants to consider the high value the college places on critical inquiry, freedom of expression, and exploration of identity, and to look for opportunities to complement and enhance your rigorous academic experience.

For more details of each of the Fellows' summer experiences, read their blog posts on Beyond Reed's blog, Works & Days.


For Letter of Support Writers: Instructions for Uploading

Here's the link:

  1. Scroll down to the 2014 Reed President's Summer Fellowship and locate the person's name for whom you've written the letter.
  2. If you find her or his name, just click and you will be where you will upload your letter.
  3. It is possible that the student in support of whom you write may not yet have created the application.
  4. If that's the case, just send your .pdf letter to Brooke Hunter. She will confirm for you when it has been successfully uploaded.


Fellowship Requirements

Students who are interested in receiving a fellowship are responsible for the development, planning, and implementation of their own projects.

In addition, applicants must adhere to the following requirements:

  • It is strongly suggested that you seek counsel from faculty, the Center for Life Beyond Reed staff, and any other potentially useful resource.
  • Create a project that can be done in a ten-week summer window.
  • Complete and submit the online application and two letters of recommendation by Tuesday, February 17, 2015. One letter must come from a member of the Reed faculty. The second letter may be from a Reed faculty or staff member.
    • For information about securing recommendations, consult Beyond Reed's Reference Protocol document. 
  • Demonstrate how the proposed project combines intellectual pursuit with imagination.
  • Commit to enrolling at Reed in the fall and actively participating in an event, including two oral and poster presentations, one in September (19th—20th) and the other in October, where you will describe what you did and what you learned as a result of your project.
  • Recipients of the fellowship planning to travel abroad must adhere to the State Department’s Travel Warnings list.
  • If the project includes working with an organization, cultural group, association, or any organized entity from which permissions are needed, applicants must indicate that fact on the application and upload a copy of that entity’s endorsement of the project.

Proposals will be judged by the overall strength of the project (clarity of concept, creativity, quality of design, the synthesis of intellectual pursuit with imagination); the endorsement of cooperating entities to support your learning; and letters of recommendation from faculty and staff. Please follow the guidelines carefully.

The PSF committee:
Bruce Smith, Student Services
Paul Currie, Psychology faculty
Virginia Hancock, Music faculty
Brooke Hunter, Center for etc. etc.
Chris Lydgate, Reed editor

This group, along with President Kroger, will choose a group of finalists by February 26.

  • The committee will conduct interviews on or before Saturday, March 8.
  • Final decisions will be made by 10 March.
  • A reception for the new Fellows will be held mid-March, 2014. 

***It is strongly encouraged that you meet with Beyond Reed staff during the planning stages of your proposal ***

Call 503.777.7550 to make an appointment. For your reference, hard copies of applications are available in the Beyond Reed office in Greywood. You may not photocopy or remove the materials; however, you are most welcome to view them in the office. 

Applications will be accepted only from individuals, not from groups.

Submission deadline:

2 p.m., Tuesday, February 17, 2015  
Click Reed President’s Summer Fellowship

To apply, you must complete the online form. The prompts from that form are included below. There is a 1,200 word limit on the narrative section of the proposal. 

Your résumé, uploaded in PDF format. Note, please use this naming convention: First initial, last name_Resume_PSF_Date, i.e., BHunter_Resume_PSF_11Feb2014.pdf

a. Please provide a summary (no more than 200 words). It should be descriptive and complete because if you are selected as a Fellow, it will represent your project in various materials.

b. Full project description. Discuss what learning you expect to gain, and/or what you hope to create. If your project is of a service nature, include the benefits that you and the community you intend to serve will derive. 

c. Explain how and why you are prepared to successfully undertake your project. For example, if special skills are needed, how did you acquire them? Or, please address how you will handle the need for skills you identify.

d. What, if any, are the desired educational outcomes of this experience, and how do they apply to your short-or long-term career goals?

e. If the project includes working with an organization, cultural group, association, or any organized entity from which permissions are needed, you must indicate that fact on the application and upload a .pdf copy of that entity’s endorsement of the project.


PLEASE NOTE: You cannot format rows or columns in this budget. Please include direct costs for living: travel, lodging, food, and savings needed to contribute to your education. Consider the President's Summer Fellowship as your summer job and create your budget accordingly. List other funding sources that you will use, including any pay you may receive from your fellowship sponsor (this will not affect the amount of your award). Please explain how you will cover any expenses that exceed the award amount.

Responsibilities as a PSF Fellow
As a PSF Fellow, you agree to the following:

  1. Write three blog posts for publishing during your experience.
  2. Attend the fall reception for returning fellows.
  3. Attend and present at the PSF Expo in the fall on your return.

If your recommenders have questions about how to upload their letters, direct them to Brooke Hunter (503/788.6698 or

Travel Restrictions

Travel restrictions for awards that originate or pass through Reed's business office usually follow State Department travel warning criteria. If you suspect that your proposed location of study may present safety or security risks, please consult the U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings Section. If a project proposal includes travel to locations that may present safety or security risks, especially as identified by the State Department travel warning criteria, special note must be made in the proposal, and additional information may be requested before permission is determined. Students who do not receive permission to travel will not be allowed to use such funds for their proposed project; however, accommodations for an alternate location may be made at the discretion of the coordinators of the awards.

The Reed College President’s Summer Fellowship awards are tentative until travel permission has been received from the Reed College coordinators of such awards via completion of an award agreement that outlines conditions of acceptance.

If you are awarded the Fellowship, you must:

  • Download the award agreement here.
  • Make an appointment with Associate Dean of Students for Student and Campus Life, Bruce Smith, to sign the agreement. You must complete this task to receive funds.

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