Student Fellowships & Awards

The Center for Life Beyond Reed, Division of Student Services

About committee-sponsored awards

Some of the nationally competitive fellowships require the applicant to have the support and endorsement of the undergraduate institution in order to apply. The Reed College Faculty Committee on Fellowships and Awards coordinates student applications for those awards that require college nomination, endorsement, or review. In most instances, the committee requires that the student first complete an internal, less formal application. The committee will determine the College's nominee(s) based on its assessment of a) the strengths of the internal applications and b) the appropriateness of the "match" between the applicant's goals and the goals of the awarding body. Students who are interested in learning more about these fellowships should explore this website, watch for announcements, talk to the committee liaison for the award that interests them, and see Michelle Johnson, Fellowships Adviser, Greywood, phone 503/788-6634.

Your own sense of value and purpose is essential to a successful fellowship application, as it is with any serious pursuit.  Preparation for the application process begins with self-reflection.  You may want to contact the Center for Life Beyond Reed, Greywood, or 503/777-7550, whose staff can help you with this process of self-assessment.