Student Fellowships & Awards

The Center for Life Beyond Reed, Division of Student Services

Cole Perkinson '13 Awarded Watson Fellowship

Cole Perkinson has accepted a Watson Fellowship for 2013-14. His project, "Music Without Borders: Learning Traditional African Music Through Sharing and Performance," will take him to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, and Ghana. As described on the Watson list of this year's Fellows (, "Music is a common language that brings people together. Music has the power to heal, to move, to enliven, and to energize. Music plays an especially important role in Africa, where it is used everywhere from spiritual ceremonies to weddings, and for every reason from expressing joy to overcoming suffering. In my Watson project, I will travel and perform with musicians and groups across Africa. I will learn several different styles of traditional music, and I will then examine how those styles are reflected in popular African music. In the process, I hope to develop my musical talents as a performer, connect with talented musicians, and share the joy of music with the world.

Congratulations, Cole!