The Center for Life Beyond Reed

Division of Student Services

Mentors and students: Thank you for your interest and participation in Working Weekend 2015.

Reed College students participating in Working Working 2014

Mentors: Your profile will inspire students as they create an outreach strategy for the weekend. We are deeply grateful for your time, energy, and willingness to engage with current students.

1. Keith Allen '83, biology
Research Fellow, Syngenta Biotechnology
2. Rachel Altmann '88 (music), and parent of current student
Library Outreach Specialist (early literacy outreach), Multnomah County Library
3. Judith Baggs '64, English
Elizabeth N. Gray Distinguished Professor , OHSU School of Nursing
4. Julia Barnes Parent
Attorney/Facilitator/Mediator, Barnes Mediation and Law
5. Lucy Bellwood '12, Studio Art
Cartoonist and Illustrator, Lucy Bellwood Comics & Art
6. Emily Corso '10, religion
Lady Cagefighter and Strength Coach, (Form & Function)
7. Richard Danzig '65
Consultant, Self
8. Kathryn (Katy) Davis Mathematics '02
Vice President, ideas42
9. Lennon Day-Kapell '03 music & Reed Staff
Technologist in Residence, Reed College
10. Jean-Claude Drui Parent
President, Hawaiian Paradise Coffee
11. Michelle Drumm '95, English
Co-Founder, New Why
12. Ian Flower '13, physics
Associate Engineer, Bungie Inc
13. Scott Foster '77, biology
Executive Director, Coast Life Support District
14. Matt Giraud '85, English
Creative Director, Gyroscope Pictures, LLC
15. Virginia Hancock '62, chemistry; faculty member, music; various other connections
Professor of Music, Reed College
16. Penny Hummel '83 Russian Literature
Owner, Penny Hummel Consulting
17. Lawrence Jones 95, history
Fixed Income Strategist, BlackRock Inc.
18. James (Jim) Kahan '64, psychology
Consultant, Full Circle
19. Deborah Kamali '85, biology
Physician, UCSF
20. Douglas Kerns Parent
Chief Technology Officer, Sigenics, Inc.
21. Paul Levy '72, political science
Attorney, Public Citizen
22. Nils Lonberg '79, alumnus
Senior VP, Biologics Discovery, Bristol-Myers Squibb
23. Diane Morgan '77, math
Cookbook Author, DIane Morgan Cooks, LLC
24. Wesley Overson '88 philosophy
Attorney, Morrison & Foerster LLP
25. Samantha Paramore '03, chemistry
Medical ICU RN, OHSU
26. Sebastian Pastore '88, psychology
Principal Consultant, Performance Change Management LLC
27. Lisa Peterson '81, physics
Quality Engineer, nLIGHT Photonics
28. Nick Pittman Economics '13
Research Analyst, Industrial Economics (IEc)
29. Aravind Sankar '91, physics
Surgeon, Brewer, Surgical Associates of Austin, Thirsty Planet Brewing Co
30. Kevan Shokat '86, chemistry; Parent
Professor and Chair, Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, UCSF
31. Bruce Smith Staff
Associate Dean of Students for Student and Campus Life, Reed College
32. David Snyder Alumnus '65 Sociology. Parent of alumnus '91. FIL of alumna '91.
Medical Director, Child Development Services (Retired) and Associate Clinical Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, Exceptional Parents Unlimited and UCSF School of Medicine
33. Michael Stapleton '10, English
VP of Marketing, AnyPerk
34. Peter Stockman '77, Anthropology
Partner, Deep River Group
35. Melissa Suzuno '02, general literature
Content Marketing Manager, AfterCollege
36. Moira Tofanelli '99, psychology
School Psychologist, Portland Public Schools
37. Veronica Vichit-Vadakan '96, history
Systems Librarian, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
38. Laurie Webb Daniel '77, French
Chair, Appellate Team, Holland & Knight LLP
39. Ruth Werner '82, theatre/lit
Writer, self; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins is primary publisher
40. Natalie Winslow Friend of Reed
Co-Founder, New Why