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Meeting one-on-one with a mentor is a great way to learn more about a chosen career and make connections that can lead to future employment.

Reed College alumni mentors

Arranging one-on-one meetings, however, can be daunting. At MeetUp, you'll have the chance to meet with five mentors over the course of a 75-minute session. It's like speed dating for mentoring! The event is preceded by a 30 minute reception where you are invited to grab a bit of food and drink, relax, and enjoy informal conversation with participating students and mentors.

Follow the steps below to arrange for and attend up to five meetings with mentors who are eager to help Reedies like you:

  • Make appointments with five mentors who spark your imagination.
  • If a given person's MeetUp slots are filled, drop them an email and ask if they might have a few minutes to get together while they're on campus.
  • Stop by the Center for Life Beyond Reed in Prexy to pick up your blank calling cards to hand to mentors.
  • Meet your mentors.
  • Contact us with questions or concerns: We're here to help every step of the way.