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Reed Winter Externships help Reed students step from campus into the world of work they will join in a few short years. Beyond the academic rigor of the institution lies a world of opportunities our students need to seize to be able to actively shape their futures.

By sponsoring students for between three and ten days, as a Reed Winter Externship sponsor, you go beyond the informational interview by offering a glimpse into the depth of a workday and a brief view of the breadth of the landscape a particular job in a given industry encompasses. Such experience is invaluable to Reedies.

We welcome participation from the panorama of Reed community members and from friends in business, industry, public service, and the private sector. Thank you for helping Reed students travel further in their journey of discovery beyond the academy.

We are recruiting now for January, 2016 externships, which take place between January 4–15. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us promote your Reed Externship opportunity. If you have questions, please contact Brooke Hunter or Maddy Wagar '16,, or call them at 503.788.6698.

The deadline for Reed Winter Extern Sponsor recruitment is Tuesday, September 1, 2015. The deadline for extern candidates to turn in their materials to Reed is Wednesday, October 14. Placement notification will take place on or before Wednesday, October 28, 2015.

In addition to the job shadow and networking aspects of the externship, we encourage you to engage your extern(s) on a project. Reedies are great assets in the workplace, able to handle complex challenges and eager to learn.

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We strongly recommended your the externship last a minimum of three days. You may decide the date ranges you wish to sponsor externs in the following text box. If you want to sponsor more than one student for more than one date period, please just type in the box which dates. Include the date(s) you are able to sponsor and the maximum number of externs, i.e., Jan 5—9: two externs; Jan 12—16, 2 externs.

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If you are intending to sponsor an externship that is longer than one day, are you interested in helping the extern candidate(s) find housing nearby? Housing assistance is by no means a requirement—we are simply seeking information to help participants plan their experiences.
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