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Winter Externship Program

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Welcome to Reed College Winter Externships

Externships take place in multiple cities between January 5—16, 2015. Externships are available only to first, second, and third year Reed students. 

Read externship offers.

To Participate: Students

It is not essential that you have expertise in a given area. It IS essential that you show true interest in learning more about the field represented by the externship you choose.

 Examples of Externship Activities

  • Explore career paths within the company/organization
  • Meet with colleagues and staff of your sponsor for informational interviews
  • Observe interactions with customers or clients
  • Meet with decision makers
  • Tour facilities
  • Attend company staff meetings
  • Assist with projects or tasks


************Applications are due no later than 12 p.m. noon on Tuesday, October 21, 2014.************

  • Upload a .pdf version of your resume.


  • Placement notification takes place through email by day's end on Thursday, November 6.

*PLEASE name your resume using the following convention:

first initiallast name_externship title_month_year      EXAMPLE: BHunter_ShrtStryWriting_1_2015.pdf

All accepted Reed Winter Externs must attend one of the two Reed Externship sessions. Those meeting dates will be announced in the fall.


*************  Applications for January 2015 are due: 12 p.m. noon, Tuesday, October 21. *************

  • Placement notification: Notification will occur through email by day's end on Thursday, November 6, 2014.

  • Mandatory Reed Winter Externship info sessions will be scheduled soon.

  • Externs must submit one blog post with photos, between 300 and 750 words, reflecting on the externship experience, by Friday, February 6, 2015. Send your post in email. If you have questions about the blog post or anything externship related, please call 503.788.6698.