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Reed College Internship Advantage Initiative

  • If you represent a for-profit company, join as a partner employer in the Reed College Internship Advantage by offering a summer internship.

  • If you'd like to open your home to a Summer Internship Advantage Initiative intern who must travel to participate in her/his internship, please fill out the form on the Accommodations page.

  • First, second, and third year Reedies, apply for Internship Advantage opportunities!

Why Paid Internships?

Consider these internship statistics from the National Association of Colleges and Employers' (NACE) 2012 Student Survey (conducted mid-January through April 30, 2012. Nearly 48,000 college students nationwide, including 15,715 seniors at the bachelor’s degree level, took part in the survey):

Paid interns have a distinct advantage in the job market. 

Overall, approximately 60 percent of 2012 college graduates who took part in paid internships received at least one job offer, according to the results of the survey. 

The survey also found that unpaid interns fared only slightly better in getting job offers than graduates who had not taken part in an internship. Overall, 37 percent of unpaid interns received job offers; 36 percent of graduates with no internship experience received job offers.  

The advantage of the paid internship is especially true among students performing internships in the for-profit sector: Among those interning for for-profit employers, 64 percent earned job offers compared to 38.3 percent of their unpaid peers. Pay status, however, also favors students in the nonprofit and government sectors.


Offer Rate –  

Paid Intern 

Offer Rate –  

Unpaid Intern 

Offer Rate –  

No Internship 









Federal Govt




State/Local Govt








 Source: 2012 Student Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers

Internship Advantage...

Employers who are a part of the Reed College Internship Advantage Initiative:

  • Provide a substantive and/or project-based, full-time work experience for a student for approximately 10 weeks during the summer OR a part-time, project-based work experience for a student during the academic year.
  • Pay the student at a rate consistent with the industry’s market or a minimum of $10.00/hour.
  • Provide the student employee with an immediate supervisor/mentor.
  • Conduct final round interviews within three weeks of receiving finalist names and make internship offers within a few days of conducting final round interviews.