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Brian Graham-Jones

Class year: 1981
Major: Physics
Company/organization: NYC/HRA/MICSA/ORA/OBSS
Job title: Director, Office of Business Solutions and Support
Company URL:

I would love to connect with students. In addition or instead of attending the Schmooze, I am available for one:one meetings during the weekend. Drop me an email and we'll arrange a time to meet. I arrive on Friday.

How did you get where you are? (e.g., education, brief work history, mentors)

I got my bachelor's in physics from Reed in 1981; focused on dance and waited tables and danced for five years. Followed my now wife Jean to Los Angeles, spent seven years in aerospace. Followed Jean to Tallahassee Florida where I upgraded a relational database for the State of Florida Div. of Emergency Management, then automated St. of FL. DEM mapmaking for a year, then five years as Asst. Dean of the oldest doctoral program of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the world, then a year for the State of Florida University System as an institutional researcher. Then followed Jean to NYC where I ended up in my dream job I didn't know existed, director of research, analysis and reporting for NYC's public health: Medicaid and Home Care Services.

My mentors have been people along the way who have seen qualities in me.

Pretty much all along the way I've continued in the arts performing in various ways and venues!

What lessons have you learned along the way that you'd like to pass on to current Reed students?

Many; let's chat! But mainly, Reed students are increadibly employable. You all can think critically, write well, and often have a fair level of analytic and communication skills; that's HUGE! Particularly just being able to think critically, that's HUGE!

In what ways you think you can help Reed students?

I've had and am having a pretty good time with a pretty odd path, touching along the way pretty substantially a range of industries. So I can help Reed students understand it's going to be alright, and maybe answer some questions.

What else should students know about you? (e.g., volunteer engagement, avocations, interests)

For this let's go with my bio from my Master's Thesis in Applied Mathematics on the Fractal Nature of Lightning.

Well, Brian...he's just this guy, you know?

Brian Graham-Jones was born Brian Clay Jones on July 31st, 1956 in Atwater, California. Subsequently Brian has lived in Louisiana, Alabama, Nebraska, Hawaii, Long Island, Missouri, Oregon, Los Angeles, Tallahassee, and Manhattan. Brian received his BA in Physics from Reed College in 1981 followed by an MS in Applied Mathematics from FSU in 2006 and has worked as a service station attendant, pineapple picker, sorter/strapper, Zellerbach salesman, busboy, waiter, floor manager, Griffith Park Observatory guide, Northrop Low Observables aerospace engineer, relational database developer/manager, GIS programmer, assistant dean, institutional researcher and analyst and currently is the Director of Research, Analysis and Reporting for NYC/HRA/Medical Insurance and Community Service (MICSA), which comprises Medicaid and Home Care.

Brian also started, with two friends, Chiaroscuro - A Performance Gallery, in Portland; appeared in 'Hawaii 5-0' (fencing) and 'Moonlighting' (Bruce Willis look-alike); performed with the FSU Flying High Circus; worked for nine years with the Mickee Faust Club, creating original social-political-cultural cabaret/theater and film including choreographing dance and stage combat; acting, writing, and directing plays; built sets, costumes and props; played the ice block; taught ballroom; and created the annual tradition of "Punk'n Chuck'n, The Pentathlon Plus of Halloween".