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Peer Career Advisor Team 2017-2018

Rachael Cairati ’18, Psychology Major

Career Info

Current career focus: Law
Previous career focus: Medicine and Public Health
Career-related experiences: On campus, I have worked with SAPR and done research with professors. Off campus, I have volunteered at a hospital, tutored, and interned with the Department on the Status of Women for the City of San Francisco.

Reed Info

Favorite class: Psychopathology
Favorite spot on campus: I love hanging out in my room with netflix and popcorn.
Favorite Reed tradition: Late Night Breakfast
Favorite places/things to do in Portland: I really like going to the zoo and trying new food.
Reed pro tip: I'm really glad I was able to get over my fear of going to office hours. Talking to professors outside of class has helped me tremendously. 
Don’t miss out on: Free money! Apply for grants!
Ask me about: Law and getting involved on campus!

Emily Clark ’18, Environmental Studies-History Major

Career Info

Current career focus: Right now I'm most interested in education and public outreach. That means museum work, project management, teaching and more!
Previous career focus: I'm also interested in environmental work- whether that be working for a non-profit, a consulting firm or a governmental agency.  
Career-related experiences: While at Reed I've worked as tutor, note taker, lab assistant, and of course been a PCA. I've also volunteered with Portland Public Schools and been lucky enough to receive a McGill Lawerence Award to support a museum internship and act as the Paul Siegel Salmon Restoration Intern with the Mendocino Land Trust.

Reed Info

Favorite class: I love taking classes with visiting professors. Second semester visiting professors are given the opportunity to teach a course on just about anything they want. There's something special about getting to learn about a person's passion project.
Favorite spot on campus: The Great Lawn on the first sunny day of spring
Favorite Reed tradition: Canyon Day! A great way to get to know current students, as well as alumni and community members.
Favorite places/things to do in Portland: I love walking through the many parks and public spaces Portland has to offer.
Reed pro tip: Get involved in on-campus politics! There's nothing quite like taking ownership your college experience and getting to affect positive change. 
Don’t miss out on: Portland! Remember to leave the bubble every once in a while...
Ask me about: Careers in education, non-profit works or local government!

Sara Córdoba ’19, Religion Major

Career Info

Current career focus: I spent this past summer working at a refugee resettlement agency and immigration service that kept me very busy with international relationships and laws that were constantly in flux due to the current administration; this has steered my personal projects in religion by opening up my focus from art, architecture, and archaeology to the world of non-profits and cultural resource management dynamics. My career focus has shifted from the private to the public sectors and will (hopefully!!!!!) include international calls to action to return artifacts and decolonize the museum sector of cultural education.
Previous career focus: I was very set on being in gallery and museum curation before I got to Reed, and through a variety of odd jobs on the outskirts of the field I got a better glimpse at what that job actually looks like day-to-day. It wasn't what I thought it was, and realized that what profession I actually was thinking of was art buying, and after some overly-emotional cold-emailing realized it wasn't right for me. I was interested in law before I began working at the law service I currently intern for, and have come to understand that maybe that isn't for me either--at least for a few years. Throughout these adventures in disciplines, I've found that digital platforms and more stylized work is something that I am good at, but unfortunately that never translated to feeling good about things like computer or data sciences in the working world; which is OK, but very sad news for 2014 AP Computer Science Sara, who received a hollow score of 2.
Career-related experiences: Aside from being a PCA at Reed, I work repair computers at the on-campus hardware shop (located in the ETC!) and help with the image collection at the Visual Resource Collection (very helpful resource, check it out on the library website :)). I've loved all of my Reed jobs and try my best to juggle them. Reed helped to fund my work at IRIS (interfaith refugee and immigration service) and a department grant helped me travel to Spain to help me figure out how to "Do Religion" as an area of study. When I graduated high school I did a pre-professional program through the Smithsonian Latino Center called the Young Ambassador Program that provided me with a network of people with a variety of jobs to help me figure out what's even out there; I had no idea that literally anything can be a job, which is pretty great.

Reed Info

Favorite class: Ancient Christianity and Rise/Formation of Islam are why I've ended up in Egypt for Fall 2017 (see you in spring!)
Favorite spot on campus: Bench under the blue bridge, or the giant Chem building window.
Favorite Reed tradition: I am pro-RF meat smoke.
Favorite places/things to do in Portland: Love the grotto, rain or shine!
Reed pro tip: I fulfilled my group D by taking Arabic at Lewis and Clark my sophomore year; it was great to meet new people and was a guarantee that I'd get off campus at least three times a week! Get the most out of Reed/PSU/LC's relationship during the school year at no extra cost!
Don’t miss out on: Hot Turkey Sandwich Thursdays (:
Ask me about: Departmental funding and interdisciplinary dreams!

Laura Dallago ’18, Economics Major

Career Info

Current career focus: Joining the peace corps or similar organization to work abroad, and potentially a NGO after
Career-related experiences: A wide variety of college offices, job shadows, world bank internship, study abroad, off campus jobs during school year, work study

Reed Info

Favorite class: Development economics
Favorite spot on campus: Front lawn
Favorite Reed tradition: Paideia
Favorite places/things to do in Portland: The bins! (Goodwill outlet), live music
Reed pro tip: Take advantage of tutoring and office hours
Don’t miss out on: Working on campus! It's great job experience and productive way to take a break from studying.
Ask me about: Abroad experiences, working while at reed/work study

Sydney Lewis ’18, Sociology Major

Career Info

Current career focus: Healthcare, Public Health, Pre-Med
Career-related experiences: Internships, on-campus jobs, summer awards, winter shadow

Reed Info

Favorite class: Science and Social Difference
Favorite spot on campus: I love walking across the bridges at night!
Favorite Reed tradition: Stop Making Sense! I love the Reed dances so much!
Favorite places/things to do in Portland: Enjoy a vegan cheese plate at Vtopia!
Reed pro tip: I am so glad that I got involved on campus early in my time at Reed with clubs and on-campus jobs. I wish that I had started exploring Portland earlier in my time at Reed.
Don’t miss out on: Paideia is a lovely time to be back in Portland without the stress of classes. Try it out!
Ask me about: Building a resume for the first time, looking for summer opportunities, funding your summer, or feeling overwhelmed by a process. I hope I can help!

Caitlyn Nigro ’19, Economics Major

Career Info

Current career focus: My primary career focus is finance, in just about any capacity. I've always been passionate about economic and international development, and have recently been exploring what financial institutions in economically developed countries could be successfully employed in the developing world. Whether it's investment banking on Wall Street or budgeting foreign at an NGO, if it involves finance, I'll eagerly pursue it.
Previous career focus: Previous career interests of mine include sustainable agriculture and education in international studies. I attended an international school before Reed that focused on cultural understanding and global issues such as human rights violations, access to natural resources, and health issues like HIV/AIDS and water sanitation.
Career-related experiences: Since coming to Reed in 2015, I've been fortunate enough to have internships in business development for a government agency, marketing and outreach for Mercy Corps Northwest (a global non-profit headquartered here in Portland), and housing-related social justice for Reed College Residence Life. As a sophomore I was selected for Reed's Financial Services Fellowship through which I spent my spring break touring the offices of various financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, funded by a very generous Reed donor. Now, as a junior, I'm excited to be serving as a Peer Career Advisor (PCA) and a House Advisor (HA), each for the first time!

Reed Info

Favorite class: Epistemology in the Philosophy Department
Favorite spot on campus: What can I say? I'm in love with Reed's library.
Favorite Reed tradition: Let's be real: Renn Fayre.
Favorite places/things to do in Portland: I've loved exploring and working in downtown Portland. It's a great way to get familiar with public transit and meet new people that you otherwise wouldn't in the Reed area. Concerts are also a favorite of mine; some of my favorite bands and artists have toured in Portland, and maybe some of yours will too!
Reed pro tip: I learned the hard way my freshman year that my work ethic and study strategies were not going cut it, and a lot of new Reedies have this experience. If you find yourself in this position, don't be discouraged. Not every paper you write will be fantastic, and not every lecture will make perfect sense to you. But if you put in the effort to reach your goals, you'll succeed in the end and get a lot out of your Reed career. I promise it's worth it.
Don’t miss out on: Apply, apply, apply. If you're curious about opportunities inside and outside of Reed, get in touch with your PCAs! We'll make sure that you find positions that interest you and that you're as prepared as possible to apply for them. Even when I've been declined for jobs that I really wanted, I've never regretted trying to get them. If you're got your eye on a job, internship, or research position, go for it!
Ask me about: Some of the best advice I can give has to do with the social aspect of job-hunting. Maybe you want to do some networking but don't know how to start, or need advice on email etiquette and interviewing. These are all topics I have experience with that I'd love to share with you!
I've had several on-campus jobs (especially with Res Life) and can help you draft a resume or practice interview skills if you want to apply for one. And, of course, if you want to learn more about economics (especially development economics and micro-finance), reach out to me with questions!

Lillyanne Pham ’20, Sociology Major

Career Info

Current career focus: Conflict Journalism
Previous career focus: Architecture, multimedia art, marketing, creative writing
Career-related experiences: Four years of intensive journalism training, contributing writer for USA Today, two years of poetry slam competitions, Reed's current open mic club coordinator

Reed Info

Favorite class: Arabic at Lewis and Clark / Jacqueline Dirks' Women's History at Reed
Favorite spot on campus: Under the greenwood building (a canyon trail leads you to it)
Favorite Reed tradition: S.L.U.R (Singing Loudly Unto Reed)
Favorite places/things to do in Portland: Eating at Fire on the Mountain and Fishing on the docks
Reed pro tip: Find your ideal adviser
Don’t miss out on: Reed's Open Mic Nights
Ask me about: Careers in journalism!

Halle Young ’20, Anthropology Major

Career Info

Current career focus: Public Policy and International Law
Previous career focus: Non profit organizing/development
Career-related experiences: Intern at J Street and J Street U, an organization working in the American political and Jewish community to advance a two state solution in Israel/Palestine. Worked part-time doing media and marketing for a Pilates studio in NYC

Reed Info

Favorite class: Language, Culture and Power (also Chinese!)
Favorite spot on campus: The PAB
Favorite Reed tradition: Not a *true* tradition but spending lots of time in the canyon
Favorite places/things to do in Portland: Portland Art Museum, Japanese Gardens
Reed pro tip: Go off campus as often as you can!! Super important to remember from time to time that you are person who exists in the real world outside of the Reed bubble
Don’t miss out on: Freeee shows at reed! Really cool performances and artists come through and don't get much attention
Ask me about: Ask me about non-profit and policy work!

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