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The Center for Life Beyond Reed invites you to peruse the rich variety of resources designed to help students realize their goals as they explore opportunities and discover a career direction while they are here at Reed and after they graduate. Select Students to the left to explore the full range of our services and resources.

We invite you to download Four Years to Launch, a year-by-year guide your student can use to develop career competencies.

How parents can help...

Special Opportunity
Post a job or internship here

The Reed Parent Council, in coordination with the Center for Life Beyond Reed, encourages you to identify and post internship and entry level job opportunities.

If you, your place of employment, or your professional or volunteer affiliations provide internships or recruit college students for entry-level career positions, please post them directly to the Center for Life Beyond Reed by linking to this job post form.

Be sure to indicate your Reed affiliation when prompted by the online form and let us know in the "tell us more" comment field if you are willing to take pre-application inquiries to advise Reed students about the organization and hiring process. You may also:

Questions? Contact the Center for Life Beyond Reed.

Many thanks for helping us in our work toward this vision: Students and alumni who know their interests and values, who shine in the use of what they have learned, and who engage with and thrive in the global marketplace through meaningful work.

Those of you who wish to support the office by volunteering your time and expertise in your own field can contact us at or 503/777-7550.

There are many things that parents can do with their own daughter or son to promote career awareness and success. The first and most important one is to encourage and honor self-reliance so that your student can explore and take charge of his or her own career development. Here are some other points to consider:

  • Explore different majors and careers. Students can try an interest test, research various career and academic fields in our career and graduate school library, take classes that interest them, and try out various options through internships, summer jobs, research, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Get involved at Reed. Possible campus and leadership activities include student organizations, undergraduate fellowships and grants for research, and volunteer activities. In addition to broadening their horizons, these activities will help your student to build important qualities and characteristics important to employers such as communication skills –both verbal and written, honesty/integrity, teamwork skills, interpersonal skills, and motivation/initiative.
  • Participate in an internship or career-related work experience. An internship can provide a different sort of classroom for expanding students' understanding and learning; it can help them to explore and test hunches about a career field; it can build their marketable skills, enhance their resume and launch their career.
  • Take advantage of academic support services to do well academically.

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